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Go-Vista - version 1.9 - for Joomla! 1.5

New version of Go-Vista template for Joomla 1.5 with same features as Go Vista Simple template:
- CSS valid
- XHTML valid
- configurable width (fixed or fluid)
- configurable header (flash)
- large variation of module positions

Download: (787.55 KB)


Centre top menu


I love the template and have managed to change almost everything I needed exept for the top menu alignment. I have tried for over 4 hours to center the top menu and can't do it. Could you please help me.



Changing Header Image-- image/banner size??

I'm using the latest version of go_vista_simple and Joomla

I read on how to change the flash header, but I want to know the pixel dimensions height and width in order to make sure it doesn't look funny

thanks again

No "Header" Option

In following the instructions to Replace Flash-Logo-Text with an Image
When I go to Admin-Panel to Extensions->Module Manager->New
and Select "CUSTOM HTML":

I have no "Header" option for position.
Why am i not seeing that?

old version

I think you haven an old version of the template installed - please install the latest template-version here on

best regards

changing font

will donate as soon as I determine if, despite my ignorance, I can actually use this beautiful site! anyway - 2 questions: how can I change the font size? and Would it be better if I built the site on the joomla template (as with the demo) then transfer it to your template? is that even possible?

text options?

Great site! Is there anyway to change the size of the text? My menu items take up too much space.

List navigation

Hello I want to have the footer to have my nav links without the buttons and yet my main nav to at the top to be buttons I got the top set to legacy flat list and the menu class set to -nav which gives me the buttons whats the menu class to be a flat list no buttons. As if I take the menu class off it displays as a vertical list.


Great stuff.

Great stuff.

Top menu

Hello, I liked this template very much and want to use it and fully test it before donating but I'm not able to put the top menu to work properly, please look at my page and you will see that the menu on user3 section is rendering vertically and without the images it should be rendered.

Please let me know how to fix this.


Andrés Corral

Change settings in Module-Manager

Change menu settings to following:
Extensions->Module-Manager->Top Menu:
Menu-Style: Legacy-Flat List
Advanced Parameters:
Menu Class Suffix: "-nav" (without ")

after clearing the joomla cash it will work.



I have just started to use your template. It is very nicelooking. I have some questions though:

1. How do you change the background of the header?
2. When i do menu-blog layout, the template gets messed up. What should i do?

3. How do you put the black bar surrounding the top menu items ( user 3)?


1. that only can be done with

1. that only can be done with css-changes
2. I don't think it's a template problem - can I see a page where this problem is present?
3. look at this:

best regards

Copyright-link removal / paypal


do you have an english version of the paypal form?


simply use the button on the

simply use the button on the top of the page - he should redirect you to the correct page...

"donate" button

i have done that but the language is still not in english.. only the home page and comments shows english language- not when getting in to the paypal form :(

Go Vista


i just installed your Go Vista template and it's very pretty. Thanks also to the previous inquiry about the 'header text' and changing it to an image.. i was able to changed mine right away and thanks to the reply you posted about it and the instruction. am new to joomla and the open source cms and not quite sure how to put own logo/header.

on the footer subject, noticed you said it is not allowed to cut it off unless a small fee is sent.. this is not a problem. however, when i activated your template, it's showing only the joomla footer and not your name.. i'll be sending you anyway the fee you mentioned within the next 24 hours. just have one concern on the footer also, is it possible also to cut off the 'joomla is a free software ......'?? i don't really mind showing the name joomla but rather show the footer with our own text domain name, etc plus probably one that says "Powered by Joomla". If this is possible, i hope you don't mind telling me how to change the footer text.. again, am a newbie using open source cms and not quite sure how to do that.. i know that i will probably have to send the fee first for editing the footer.. i can't do it right at this time but will send it in the next 24 hours.

thanks for sharing your templates.. you have a great talent :)

Simply deactivate the Module in Admin-area

That's very simple:
Go in admin area to extensions->module manager there you have to deactivate the module with position "footer" and type "mod_footer" (sorry I actually do not know how the module is named...)

Great template !!!

Thank you for great template I really like it,
keep up the good work !!!

Go Vista 1.9 header text in IE vs Firefox

My header text shows the site name correctly in IE7. But, there is no text shown at all in Firefox. All I get in Firefox is the black bar. Is there a CSS setting to adjust so it shows in both browsers? Thanks.

Do you have the

Do you have the flashplayer-plugin installed:

this is neccassary for a working header - also JavaScript has to be enabled...

Works great now - I had

Works great now - I had forgotten Java - thanks.

Great site!

Great site!


edit flash header text

First I'd like to say thanks for this cool looking template.

I would like to play around with removing the header text with the blur effect and replace it with a logo image. I have just enough knowledge of this to be dangerous so be gentle. I'm assuming the code for the header text is in the css file but where should I start looking? Thanks.

Howto:Replace Flash-Logo-Text with an Image

Replace Flash-Logo-Text with an Image:

Go to Admin-Panel to Extensions->Module Manager->New
Give the new module a title and set show title to no and
Insert Your Image or whatever you want into the editor.
SAVE - > that's it...

Bild anstatt oder rechts neben Flash-Logo einfügen

Hallo Markus, ich hatte das gleiche Problem.
So habe ich GENAU obigen TIPP gefolgt, aber keine Änderung.
Was ich eigentlich tun wollte, ist nicht unbedingt die Spiegelung durch ein Bild ersetzen, sondern die Spiegelung lassen, und rechts davon (mit ein wenig Abstand) ein Bild einfügen.
Ich sehe, daß im Template die Position "banner" vorgesehen ist, aber ein Benutzerdefiniertes HTML Module geht nicht dort einzufügen (die Position wird nicht aufgelistet)... :-(

Kann ich Dich um Hilfe bitten?
Vielen Dank im Voraus, und Gruß aus Italien.

Thank you sooooo much. I

Thank you sooooo much. I thought I was going to have to edit the template. I didn't realize that I could accomplish this within Joomla. Very happy with your template and thanks for the quick help. When I get the site looking the way I want I will post the address so others can see.

Question header


How can i adjust the header? Can i put an image in it?



the problem is that change all my page looks, it makes it less width and the header getin more hight..., how to avoid that?

top menu centered


perhaps for you it's necessary to change 500px to a smaller or higher number.

go vista template

I really like your go vista template, however for some reasons, on this website it doesn't render the right sidebar correctly. Any suggestions to fix it?


Great Site!

Great site!


thank's that you are you

thank's that you are you using a go vista template.

following article is causing this problem:

there is "stupid" code insid the text-field.
you should delete all formatting or better write it new (but no copy and past) - this will fix it...


Got it; understood; thanks a bunch

testing for download

testing for download

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